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Are you constructing, upgrading or resurfacing your carpark or parking lot? C & D Asphalting is the number one choice for asphalt contractors in Sydney.

Our experienced team will assist you in the planning and preparation stages of your carpark and will complete the project with highly professional asphalt paving services that you will recommend to friends and colleagues in the future.

C & D Asphalting boasts a vast portfolio of completed work and has extensive experience constructing carparks in rural, urban developmental settings. We are committed not only to the completion of your project in a timely and professional manner. We strive to complete all projects with minimum disruption and inconvenience.


We have state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to complete any commercial or private carpark or parking lot projects, no matter how large or small. We work with only the best materials to ensure the best end results and the longevity of your asphalt carpark.

Kerbs and Gutters

Completing the job, we also provide a complete kerb and guttering service. A kerb and gutter will not only make your new asphalting project look neat and tidy; they play an important part in helping your asphalt last longer and meeting the specifications and requirements of the local council.

There are two main reasons for a concrete kerb and gutter:

  1. Defines the edges of the asphalting; it holds the pavement in place and assists to prevent the pavement from expanding and deteriorating
  2. They are used to endorse drainage patterns in carparks and on roadways.

Our experienced project managers are on hand to discuss your new asphalt carpark or parking lot, as well as our kerb and guttering services, call us on (02)9627-8556 to book an appointment.

How long before you can drive on a new asphalt carpark?

From an asphalting perspective, freshly laid asphalt takes around 24 hours to cure. However, there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration before a carpark can be used. These can include line markings, signage, meters, sign off by local government inspectors to name a few.

How long do asphalt carparks last?

Like roadways, and driveways, asphalt carparks can last between 25-30 years, providing that maintenance is routinely undertaken and any areas requiring attention are tended to.

How long does an asphalt carpark take to dry?

Freshly laid asphalt takes 24 hours to fully cure; asphalt that has been resurfaced or repaired takes around 2 -3 hours before it can be driven on.

Can asphalt be laid over an existing concrete carpark?

Technically yes, asphalt can be placed directly over concrete. However it is not recommended. We recommend you first remove the existing concrete before laying the asphalt because pouring asphalt on a concrete surface decreases the durability of your carpark surface.

A sub base concrete driveway is different from a sub base asphalt driveway which poses a serious threat to your pavement’s flexibility, stability, and strength. Asphalt needs a reliable base to withstand heavy loads or years of shifting; or else, you will end up with a cracked and deteriorated surface. Asphalt is cheaper and simpler to substitute, but it’s not as durable as concrete. To prevent cracks under normal weight loads, it needs a firm, stable, and flat base.

What maintenance does an asphalt carpark require?

The maintenance required on your asphalt carpark will be dependent on the type of asphalt used in the initial installation. It is recommended to have your asphalt inspected yearly where cracks can be filled when they first appear and good practice to apply a seal coat to the asphalt every 2 -3 years.

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