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Are you considering repairing or replacing existing asphalt? You may want to take a look at resurfacing before going down the path of a costly replacement.

Resurfacing asphalt paving can often be the superior choice and can be a more cost-effective solution that will still see great long-term results and prolong the life of your asphalt.

Many factors including weather conditions, excessive flooding, traffic density, and intense direct sunlight can impact the lifespan of an asphalt surface. The most common side effects are cracking, buckling and slab shifts.

While wear and tear are completely normal and expected over the lifetime of your asphalt, and there are a few options available without the need to tear up and completely replace the existing surface.


Resurfacing is the middle ground for asphalt repair and it involves milling the existing surface to remove the top layer of asphalt and create grooves for the new asphalt to adhere to. The prepared surface is then swept and cleaned of all loose materials and a fresh layer of asphalt is applied, levelled and rolled, leaving the old asphalt underneath to provide support and thickness while the new layer offers an undamaged top surface.

We have found resurfacing to be more effective than patching, is less labour intensive, and will provide a better, longer-lasting result requiring less preparation and machinery to complete the job.

Depending on the damage and age of your asphalt, the team at C & D Asphalting will be able to assess your project and can help you decide whether resurfacing is a viable option before you consider a complete asphalt replacement of your roads, asphalt driveway, residential subdivision or carparks.

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