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Tips for maintaining your asphalt driveway

Tips for maintaining your asphalt driveway

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One of the main features of the outside of your home is your driveway. Asphalt provides a durable and attractive surface for your vehicles. However, like all outdoor surfaces, it is exposed to harsh weather conditions, including sunlight, wind, rain and other environmental factors.

All of these can affect the longevity of the asphalt surface. Therefore, proper maintenance and timely repairs are essential to ensuring your driveway always looks its best and lasts for years.

To help you keep your asphalt driveway in great condition, we have compiled some essential tips for maintaining your driveway.

Best practices for cleaning and maintaining your driveway

Regular cleaning

Dirt and debris can settle on the surface of your asphalt. Ensuring you clean your driveway regularly will help to maintain the appearance. It will also keep it clear of any contaminants that may cause damage or block the flow of water.

To clean your asphalt driveway, start by sweeping the surface to remove larger debris such as leaves, stones, sticks and dirt. Then, use a garden hose or pressure washer to wash away any remaining dirt or stains. If you see any oil stains or discolouration, you may need specialised cleaning products designed for asphalt driveways.

sealcoating asphalt driveway


As asphalt is permeable, sealcoating your driveway is an important step in protecting the surface from the elements.

A sealcoat is a protective layer that is applied to the surface of the asphalt. This can protect it from water damage and help prevent cracks and potholes. It is recommended that you sealcoat your driveway every two to three years. This will depend on a few factors including the amount of traffic on your driveway and the environmental conditions where you live.

Fill cracks and potholes

Expansion and contraction due to temperature and water penetration can cause damage to your asphalt. Cracks and potholes are common and if left untreated, they can lead to more serious damage and in turn expensive repairs.

You must address any damage as soon as you notice it appear. Fill any cracks or potholes using a high-quality asphalt filler. By staying on top of repairs, you will prevent further damage and ensure that your driveway remains appealing, safe and functional.

filling cracks and potholes

Limit or avoid heavy vehicles

While asphalt is a strong and durable surface. It is more likely to be damaged by heavy vehicles. If you need to park a heavy vehicle on your asphalt driveway, you can place a piece of plywood under the wheels to distribute the weight evenly. This will help to prevent major damage to the asphalt and other long-term issues.

Common issues to look out for and how to address them

Water Damage

Water damage is a common problem with asphalt driveways, especially if they are not properly maintained. When water seeps into the surface, it can cause cracks and potholes to form.

To prevent water damage, make sure that your driveway is properly sloped to allow water to drain away from the surface. Also, ensure there is sufficient drainage around the driveway to further protect your asphalt’s integrity.

oil stains on asphalt

Oil Stains

Driveways are meant to be used and even the most well-maintained cars can leak oil or other fluids. Oil stains can be challenging to clean however, ensuring you clean them up as soon as they happen will make things much easier.

To easily clean up fresh oil stains, use a paper towel, newspaper or cloth to soak any excess oil. Then using a specialised asphalt cleaner, follow the instructions on the bottle to remove the remaining stain.

Colour Fading

Over time, sun exposure, wind and rain can fade the colour of your asphalt driveway. Sealcoating is a highly effective way to prevent fading. Also, it is important to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials when cleaning, as this can also contribute to discolouration and fading.

Regular maintenance of your asphalt driveway is simple and cost-effective. Additionally, staying on top of common issues like water damage, oil stains, and fading. Will help you address these problems before they become more significant. Proper maintenance routines will ensure your asphalt driveway remains in great condition for years to come.

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